Pro Driver Coaching & Tuition

Professional rally & race driver coaching with current World Rally Championship competitor and former FIA European Rally Champion, Chris Ingram.

Chris Ingram’s knowledge on managing rally and championship winning pace with a smooth, low risk driving style is second to none. He has won rallies, races and championships at the highest level – and with over 10 years experience he knows what it’s like to compete and deal with the ups and downs of the sport. A professional rally/race driver coach is more than just teaching you how to save a slide or to teach you the best racing line.

Pro driver coaching is about working with you to make a positive step in performance, learn crucial adjustments to assist you in reaching your highest level of operating. It’s about guiding you through each element of performance in Motorsport and to make sure you are as prepared as you can be to succeed in reaching your targets.


As well as the experience and knowledge gained from competing professionally, Chris Ingram has also worked as a professional coach for several years with a variety of drivers from juniors, to amateurs, to drivers competing at an international level. He has also worked with professional personnel from teams such as Skoda Motorsport, Opel Motorsport, Peugeot Sport, Bentley and Porsche GB.

How can pro driver coaching and tuition with Chris help you?

  • Improve your overall performance
  • Learn new driving techniques and skills
  • Find the limit of your car
  • Help set-up your car
  • Become a better and safer driver
  • Techniques to find a more consistent pace/rhythm
  • Car positioning/Driving on the correct line
  • Improve your braking technique
  • Learn about and improve weight transfer/rotation
  • Get an edge over the competition

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